Joe’s Birthday

Originally posted September 21st, 2017

Image may contain: 2 people, people sleeping and indoorHappy Birthday Joe!!! I’ve always wanted to post this picture because to me there is no more beautiful and truer symbol of Love and this is one of my favorite pictures.. If you look really close you can see a baby that had lost all his hair from chemotherapy, and after days of steroid rage had finally fallen asleep for a few blissful 10 mins. Hell hath no fury like that of a baby on high dose steroids that completely and utterly loses his mind. That little baby develops super human capabilities and becomes a creature from another planet that can break even the strongest and just make one want to cry. What you don’t see is a dad that had puke, formula, and god knows what else on him to try to comfort that medication and steroid filled baby to sleep and help his body heal. What you don’t see is a dad that was working full time, started another company on the side, yet somehow would make the two hour drive each way to be there to comfort the baby we loved so much. What you don’t see is a husband that despite this, would send his wife away to get a few hours sleep and take over no matter how exhausted he was. What you don’t see is this incredible husband promised to always take care of us, to our family, and he always has. I’ve always thought of life, marriage, and friendship like riding on a see-saw, the one kids ride on when they are little. Being on a see-saw is a reality to what life truly is. When one is down, the other is up. Because one day there will be a day when the other is down and must be pulled up. Whoever is up, it is their responsibility to help pull the down one back to the middle, back to where they are together, across from each other. Up and down the see saw goes throughout life and meeting in the middle, is the ultimate gift. It is filled with crushing heartbreak that will ultimately never end, but also so many laughs and smiles and happiness, and feeling so incredibly blessed by all the wonderful things in our life. Happy Birthday Joe! There is no person I’d rather be on a marron and orange Hokie Bird see-saw with.

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