Happy Transplant Birthday!!! 9 Years Later

Approximately 9 years ago today we had hope. At 8:42pm after two day “zero’s” and emergency surgery (yet again!)Christopher received the gift of life. It took 9 minutes to receive his transplant during which time he played and stuck IV lines in his mouth. My mom has worked in the transplant field for over 20 years and on January 22 we became a transplant family. Transplants are often referred to as “second” birthdays. A day where one is given life again. A day where the rest of the world stretches out in front of a patient and they are given a second chance at life. What a transplant really gives is hope. Hope one’s life can be saved. Hope is the strongest thing we have in this world, without hope there is nothing.

We had so much hope with those little cells. They were good, good, cells. Somewhere, a mother out n the universe had given up those cells so Christopher could have a chance at the lie. Those cells went right to where they were supposed to, they set up camp and started engrafting. They were strong, hardy cells. It was all the complications that come with having a transplant that is what got us in the end.

Joe described loosing Christopher so eloquently this eek. We have stopped mourning the loss and started mourning the “could have, should have been’s.” We miss not going to baseball games or having a 4th grader. When we put out his Chrismas ornaments, we miss not being able to fill his stocking. We miss not being able to plan a big birthday this year, the precious number “10”. We miss, we miss, we miss him and it never gets easier, it only gets harder.

However, no matter how much we miss him we are grateful for one thing. We ar grateful for his transplant and for hope. We are grateful for what we almost had, and what could have been.

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