Dedication to Katie and Andrew on Christopher’s 7th Birthday

Christopher the Caterpillar Became a Butterfly

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little boy named Christopher. He was a special little boy because his mama had a special heart and never knew if she could have a little boy or girl. The day Christopher was born was such a celebration! His mama dressed up and did her hair and makeup before she went to have Christopher. She wanted to look so pretty for her special blessing.

After Christopher was born he went straight to the NICU. The NICU is a special place where babies go after they are born to get extra love from the doctors and nurses. While Christopher was in the NICU, there was a party in mama’s room! It was filled with balloons and flowers, even pizza boxes and lots and lots of friends! Everyone was so happy this special baby had been born.

Christopher went home and had a beautiful room that was dark blue, and filled with pictures of Snoopy playing all types of sports! There was even a handmade quilt hung on the wall of Snoopy playing soccer mama’s friend Aunt Angie made.

Christopher was such a happy little boy. He loved to swing and have the wind blow in his hair. He laughed and giggled and loved to go to school and be held by all the ladies! However, very soon his mama and daddy learned Christopher had a very special sickness. It was a very, very, rare sickness, that they could ever, ever, get.

Christopher went into the hospital for a long, long time. A hospital is a very special place where people like doctors and nurses make everyone feel better. Mama is a nurse and worked everyday with the other doctors and nurses to help feel him feel better. Christopher was surrounded by so much love in the hospital! There were cards and balloons and lots of visits from friends.

One day God in heaven decided it was time for Christopher to come to heaven to be with him. An amazing thing happened when Christopher went to heaven, he became a butterfly!

A caterpillar has a body which helps it grow, but sometimes the caterpillar’s body holds it back from it’s true spirit. Christopher’s body was like that of the caterpillar, it was holding him back from letting his true spirit be able to fly. When Christopher got to heaven, he left his body behind that had been sick and holding back his spirit. God gave each and every one of us our very own spirit, it allows us to be who we are and all our special gifts. Christopher shed his cocoon like the caterpillar sheds its cocoon when it becomes a butterfly, and suddenly Christopher was a butterfly!

Christopher spends his days in heaven, flying around with God and looking down at everyone from above.  He plays with all the other baby angels and when it was time for mama and daddy’s friend Uncle Brian to come to heaven, Christopher was there to greet him and to sit on his lap and watch Hokie Football. They are very happy in heaven.

One day Christopher looked down and saw his mama and daddy were sad and wanted another baby to love. Christopher flew around heaven until he found the most beautiful little girl in all the world and sent her down to his mama and daddy. Her name would be Katie, and Christopher gave Katie his big, beautiful blue eyes. Christopher gave Katie a kiss and sent her down. Mama and Daddy were so happy! Another baby to love, she was the sweetest little girl in all the world.

A few months later, in his sneaky way, Christopher decided to send Mama and Daddy and Katie another surprise! He again decided to fly all over heaven until he found a sweet little boy who looked so much like Christopher, and Christopher knew this was the perfect little brother for Katie. Christopher gave him thick blond hair just like him. One day when mama was in church Pastor Don said in his service, “there are Andrew’s who need you”, and along came Andrew!

Katie, Andrew,  Mama and Daddy live such a happy life! (Of course along with Hokie, Pokie, Nick and Bell) Katie and Andrew know they have a brother in heaven who loves them very much. Christopher knows it is hard for Katie and Andrew to understand why they can’t see him, or touch him, or play with him. Christopher always know that sometimes mama might cry because she misses him.

Christopher wants everyone to know that he is ok. It is ok to miss him, but he wants you to be happy. He wants Katie to know that he is always in her heart. The little freckles she has on her cheeks and arms are actually kisses from Christopher! When the wind blows in Katie’s hair when she is on the playground, that is also kisses from Christopher. How special Katie and Andrew are to have little secret kisses from Christopher all the time! None of their friends have that on the playground.

Today, on Christopher’s 7th birthday, as mama was taking a nap between Katie and Andrew, she realized how 7 years ago how her life changed. Christopher taught her what it really means to have love in her life and how blessed we truly are. For mama and daddy have the most beautiful children in the world, Christopher, Katie and Andrew, just you three, it was always meant to be…

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